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Members of the AAOCC committee were confirmed at the last AGM.

All committee posts are voluntary so we ask you to respect this.
If you wish to contact any of the committee please send only plain text emails.
Note that attachments may be automatically deleted.

Welcome to the AAOCC member’s area!

These pages are for you, the club’s members.

The pages provide the information on how the club functions, with the important guidance required by our Rally Marshals and all of our members.

Access to the various parts is made by clicking on the buttons in the “Contents” menu on the left hand side of this page.

This area has been developed to include a summary of discussions at the Committee’s quarterly meetings. These can be accessed via the “Committee Notes” icons below.

If you have any thoughts on improving this area then please contact “Publicity” -

AAOCC Member’s Area


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Chairman & Rally Secretary


Les Kinley

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John Nicholls

1608 AGM Minutes Summary.pdf

August 2016


1701 Committee Meeting Web Summary.pdf

January 2017

1608 Committee Meeting minutes.pdf

August 2016

1703 AAOCC Committee Minutes.pdf

March 2017

1708 AGM Minutes Summary.pdf

August 2017


1708 AGM Written Reports.pdf

Committee Reports

1708 Committee Meeting Minutes Summary.pdf

August 2017

1712 Committee Meeting Minutes Summary.pdf

December 2017

Committee Reports 2018

Committee Reports AGM 2018.pdf

August 2018


AAOCC Committee Meeting Notes

On this page you’ll find summaries of the club’s committee meetings.

If you’d like to raise an issue for consideration by your committee then please contact the General Secretary -

To access the summaries please “click” on the relevant icon below.

Peter Cook

Chris Whitehouse