Membership is open to anyone who owns either a Motor home or Touring Caravan, whatever the marque, and will include your partner, provided their details are given to the Membership Secretary.

There is an active junior section to the club so please include details, including their dates of birth, of any children or grandchildren who may caravan with you.

Membership will be valid until the end of the year once your membership fee is received. Those applying after 30th September will be given membership until the end of the following year.

The membership fee for 2017 will be £15.00 per year as agreed at the AGM. For this you will receive a Rally Handbook giving details of all rallies and regular Newsletters.

When applying for membership please include a cheque for £15:00 payable to The AAOCC.

How to join?

You can:

How to renew?

You can:

Got any questions? Please call 07905 809140 or email les@aaocc.org.uk

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